Monday, September 1, 2014

21 Day Challenge: Day 21 "Self-Portrait"

As a caricature artist, I sometimes get the question of whether or not I ever draw myself.  I'll let this post answer that question :)

21 Day Challenge -- you are done!

21 Day Challenge: Day 20 "Live Sketch"

I'm fortunate to have such a lovely subject to pose for me (actually, she didn't know she was posing for this one).

21 Day Challenge: Day 19 "Faces"

21 Day Challenge: Days 18 "Cardboard Doodle"

I'm playing a little catch-up tonight.  Here's four challenges in one day, taking me straight to the end of the 21 Day Challenge.  

It feels really good to be in the habit of drawing again. Thanks Von Glitschka and for making this challenge available to us doodlers!